Some of these days...

Not sure how to describe this week long phase I'm going through. But here are the particulars:
1. I've picked up about ten different books, including one that I'd put aside for just such a mood, and none of them can hold my interest right now.
2. Driving is such a passion I've consider becoming a truck driver.
3. Television bores me.
4. Food bores me.
5. I listen to mostly really loud music - Jet at full blast being a favorite.
6. I want desperately to change my hair color - again.
7. I have too much to do and would forgo sleep if possible.
8. I want a hug.
9. Coffee has no effect.
10. I want wasabi.


Jim Winter said...


Sarah said...

*Food* bores you?? Wow. That's one mood you've got.

Hang in there, though. Find some extra special comfort read or something unbelievably silly (Captain Underpants!) and I dunno, eat lots of wasabi.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Thanks, John.

And, yeah, it is some mood. I haven't gone this long without book consumption since I couldn't read at all.
Damn strange.

Anonymous said...

Well ... sure ... i mean we ALL want wasabi.

And I'm pretty sure you could get a hug if you really tried.

Victor Gischler

Jennifer Jordan said...

"(sniff) You... you really think so?" Dabs at eyes with tissue and loudly blows nose. "Gee, thanks Vic! I feel much better now!"

Skips off intending to 'really try.'

John R. said...

Be careful now, you remember what happened last time you went around "really trying" for a hug? Was it four or five cops it took to unwrap you from that stockbroker?