Arms Trade Tracker

Here is an interesting little website dedicated to it's title: Arms Sales Monitoring Project monitered by the Federation of American Scientists.

Fast Facts from the site include:

The United Nations estimates there to be over 300,000 child soldiers around the world, now serving as combatants in over 30 current conflicts.

The Center for International Policy estimates that around 80% of U.S. arms exports to the developing world go to non-democratic regimes.

There are more landmines planted in Cambodia than people. Cambodia is just one of 64 countries around the world littered with some 100 million anti-personnel landmines.

The U.S. Arms Industry is the second most heavily subsidized industry after agriculture.

Half of the world's governments spend more on defense than health care. Arias Foundation.

The International Red Cross has estimated that one out of every two casualties of war is a civilian caught in the crossfire. NISAT

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