Angel of Dark Words and Twisted Tomes

I've asked someone to be a part of the anthology I'm putting together called "Fuck Noir." He is one of the best writers I've read, yet he is grossly un-read and painfully brilliant. One of those that inspires private moments of, "Damn, I wish I wrote like that!"

Read him.

Tell him to keep writing.

Kick his ass.

It is for the good of us all that you do this.

Michael, you're that good. Good enough for me to make a gigantic ass of myself. OK. That isn't that special.

Good enough for me to plead.

And I never plead.

Except for you.

Write, Michael, write.

For the good of us all.



Michael said...

Ah...um...so THAT'S how speechless feels.

Anyhoo, I'll be in your anthology. Simple statement of fact. I shall be there.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Damn right!


Chris said...

I couldn't agree more about Michael's talent.

Tribe said...

I just posted a warning to him that La Ms. Jordan will not be denied.