Bad sex, anyone?

The longlist for the annual Bed Sex in Fiction award is out and damn, it's enough to put me off reading. Updike that is. His is the passage listed first and may I warn you, from sheer guffaws to blasting snorts of disgust, make sure all your passages are clear before you read this or they damn sure will be after you done.

Bold are are the sentences that made me snort farthest.

Updike from Villages

A flock of crows, six or eight, raucously rasping at one another, thrashed into the top of an oak on the edge of the square of sky. The heavenly invasion made his heart race; he looked down at his prick, silently begging it not to be distracted; his mind fought skidding into crows and woods, babies and Phyllis, and his prick stared back at him with its one eye clouded by a single drop of pure seminal yearning. He felt suspended at the top of an arc. Faye leaned back on the blanket, arranging her legs in an M of receptivity, and he knelt between them like the most abject and craven supplicant who ever exposed his bare ass to the eagle eyes of a bunch of crows.

Faye took him in hand. He slipped in. He became an adulterer. He went for the last inch. She grunted, at her own revelation. His was that her cunt did not feel like Phyllis's. Smoother, somehow simpler, its wetness less thick, less of a sauce, more of a glaze. It was soon over. He could not help himself, he was so excited, proud, and nervous. When he was done, he opened his eyes, and saw this stranger's face an inch from his, seemingly asleep, the closed eyelids showing a thin pulse, her long lips curved self-lullingly.


JD Rhoades said...

"less of a sauce, more of a glaze"?

Good lord.

John R. said...

There's surely something Freudian in the fact that you call it the "Bed Sex" award in the opening line.

Now, what is it about sex in bed that you instinctively identify as bad?

Jennifer Jordan said...

Perhaps, JR, what I am really longing to do is to give out a Bed Sex Award. And a short list for that would be a true oddity.

Stuart MacBride said...

"less of a sauce, more of a glaze"?

Like a donut. At least there's no mention of sprinkles.

that girl said...

thats not sprinkles- its a rash