I Get Cravings in Spring

Things have gotten away from me.
Things have slipped.
I try so hard to match everything I wear
the only socks I had this morning
were my
Mr. Potatohead's Evil Twin Dr. Potatohead
as done by Picasso, in his blue stage.
Maybe... maybe... it's time I get a truss.
And a few chilidogs.
And a supersized Coke.
And some sunblock.


Ben from Bleak House said...

I hate you. There's a special place in hell just waiting for you and that picture. I believe the kids would say, "OMG, thatz nazty!!!!!1111"

Jennifer Jordan said...

Dude, I've been waiting for a day and a half for a comment like that!


I revel in your visual pain!!!!!!

And I share it!!!!!!!!

My Mom told me a belly in the shape that her's is in is referred to as an 'apron'. I laughed and eeewwwwwed at the same time.

Nathan said...

If loving this vile, gelatinous mass is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

Jon The Crime Spree Guy said...

How do you get vomit out of a keyboard?

That picture is beyond gross, I mean has anyone ome up to this woman and just pleaded with her? "Just put down the Twinkie, please put down the Twinkie"

Fuck me running, I'm eating sald for the next week.

Jeffrey said...

I don't think the NEXT Twinkie is the issue here Jon...I mean, not after someone has already reached the point that they can trip over thier belly walking down the street.