I could have kept this to myself and parcelled it off over time. For years, even.

But I've chosen to share it.

For those of you who are bored.
Or in need of pointless escape.
Or in need of a box to confine the ego in.
Or wanting more html with which crap to load your websites.*

It is:

The Generator Blog!!!**

A few random generations:

Generate your Outlaw Bike Name

My name is "Bitch" and I apparently hang out with the White Werewolfes MC

Generate a Haiku My haiku was

boatman encircles
richly, limply, mice groaning
singing, painlessly

Generate your Fluffy Kitty Name

My name is Nightmare DaVinci.

Generate your Chakra information

My chakra is today is blue --
This has to do with how I communicate with others.
This is a good day to speak out.

Generate a Goth Lyric. Mine is

by Abyss Alien
Serpents call forth feral clutches
This torrential rain summons cringing beauty
The asylum quivers hollow psychosis
Lonliness destroys lugubrious treachery
Pyres kiss delicate prayers
Persephone ascends silver clutches
The spider secretes hollow void
A ravenous She-wolf mourns labrynthine disillusionment
Death mourns luscious brilliance
The moon quivers perfidious penance
My slave howls darkened divide
Thorns drink trembling carrion
My lust plucks silver fragments
Banshees cling to unclean deception
The slave slices desperate addiction
Thine eyes recoil from whirling torment

Generate your own Ramone's name!

Mine is... um, Jennifer Ramone. Yeh!!!!! Uh-hum.

Generate you own Victorian Sex Cry. Mine is, gosh, this is so embarrassing!. Mine is... gee, I can't type this while all of your are looking! Look away and maybe I can finish this. OK. Mine is... hey! Quite peeking! OK. Mine is

What joy inexpressible!
My joy is lost in a sea of greater bliss than I have ever known!

And just remember, They Fight Crime!

He's a fast talking bohemian master criminal gone bad. She's a strong-willed African-American queen of the dead with the power to see death. They fight crime!

**see, James O, I do learn! For a while...

*exclamations points mine - they seem to think this much generation is commonplace.


JamesO said...

Ummm... Did you get those footnotes the wrong way round Jen?

I'm confused.

JamesO said...

Ummm... Jen, did you get the footnotes round the wrong way?

I'm confused.

JamesO said...

Comments don't seem to be working, but I'll try again.

Did you get your footnotes the wrong way round, Jen?

I'm confused.

R.J. Baker said...

God the holidays suck. Boredom abounds.

But fortunately that brought me to your blog. Interesting, I found a haiku I couldn't quite grasp, my biker name was Strangeman, and my Fluffy Kitty Name was BoyChic. Yikes.

I'm working up my nerve for a Victorian Sex Cry...just what I need for a lonely Friday night.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment, however brief....