The Impurrfect Crine

Tigger, Thomas and Max are a crime-fighting trio of tabbies not to be taken lightly by foolhardy burglars in the Hawkshaw area. But that's exactly what Gary Sutcliffe did. And he's paying the price.

After breaking into a house threw a forced window, Sutcliffe managed to make off with only a handbag for all his trouble when the owner surprised him with her return.

Tossing a scarf and gloves out the window as he sped away in his Ford Fiesta (snort!), Sutcliffe gave the police a merry chase until he rolled his car. Under the bare bulb at the police station, he denied all.

But the owner of house, handbad, glove and scarf was under a bare bulb of her own. The bare bulb that indicates a brilliant idea!!!!!!

The window Sutcliffe made crawled through was a favorite entry way of Tigger, Thomas and Max, her three tabbies. "Check the culprit for fur!" the owner cried.

And, they did.

Sutcliffe tested positive for all three.

Said DC Mick Balfe, “The forensic evidence uncovered in this case provided an inextricable link between Sutcliffe and the scene of the crime.

"The presence of Max, Tigger and Thomas in the house provided us with evidence that we could really get our claws into.

“You could say that this cat burglar has just lost one of his nine lives!’’

And you could just as easily say that DC Balfe is a big silly.

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