Look out for my code...

UPDATE: As is apparent from the mess on the top of the blog, I'm having a few issues. Problems, really. Well, all out mental glitches that are seriously hampering my ability to bring the world an aesthetically pleasing blog, albeit a nonsensical one.

Help me.

Please, please, help me.


I'll be experimenting with templates for the blog over the next day.

HTML and I have an uneasy alliance and this will no doubt lead to odd margins, garish colors, misplaced headers and much imbibing of java.

If I survive with my sanity intact, you will see the new and improved HUC. If not, you will see my slow mental demise carefully documented on this page in the next twenty-four hours.

And now, an irrelevant photo:


Daniel Hatadi said...

Here's one thing I found: your .title section has the top margin as 0px. Blogger adds its title bar above that, so that's why your title is sitting on top of it. Give both of these a try:

position: relative;
top: 0px;

Jennifer Jordan said...

Thank you, thank you. It was indeed the title margin at 0px causing that problem.

There is a bizarre joy to be found in HTML codes when one knows what one is doing. Somewhat.