Rejoice! Repent. Rejoice! Repent.

After contending with a hideous contact paper covered table for eons, my writing space is now graced with a new glasstop desk. Sleek, modern lines with brushed steel and modulation galore, I have reveled in this glorious object that holds all my stuff.


glass displays every speck of dust and showcases every fingerprint and smudge. I find myself, with all my freaky obsessive compulsive drives in full flux as I wipe,wipe,wipe,wipe,wipe,wipe the desk. A full bottle of glass and electronics cleaners sits on the floor next to a 'special' rag I use for this soul purpose - keeping my writing space speck and smudge free. But after that wipe, before I touch the desk and in the seconds between dust falls, it is ssssooooo shiny and beautiful.

Help me.


Jeffrey said...

I just wanted to save you from the "cyber silence" in an attempt to make you feel as cool as Ben...

Obsessive Compulsive...hates Christmas music. Just when I think I'm alone in the world I discover people in who I have something in common. :-)

Jennifer Jordan said...

A friendship paste on extremes of behavior can really lead to entertainment for those looking on.

And we're not the only one's who hate Christmas music. Of that I am quite sure.