A self-described "work Nazi," Madonna is overscheduled and overprogrammed.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Camille Paglia's slow, meticulous and cutting write-up on Maddona's new album on Salon.com. Let's foist some quotes on you:

"I was shocked at how the reviews had failed to note its tinny shrillness, sonic clich├ęs, and intermittently clumsy or muddy layering -- a startling lapse in Madonna's usually impeccable quality control."

"The use of Mideastern tonalities on "Isaac" (which features a Yemeni singer from the London Kabbalah Centre) is ambitious, but the refrain becomes monotonous."

"Is Madonna suffering Mick Jagger syndrome?"

"Remarkably for a Graham dancer, she has become poor at improvisation -- which produces her manic, mechanical stage shows, where little room is left for natural warmth or banter with the audience and where the production is always too small and precious for large arenas."

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