That was work.


My eyes... they are streaked with red and they ache.

My brain... it is... well, same as it ever was. A bit overstimulated, happy yet vaguely restless.

Hundreds of templates were entered, worked with, rejected. I tweaked to no avail with many then dismissed them. Some lasted all of the time it took to load the page before revulsion overtook me.

In the end, something old, something new, something borrowed and something wavy worked out quite well.

Sleep beckons.

As does a large antacid.


John R. said...

Ah... the links get shuffled down to the bottom of the main column, and none of the pics show properly...



I kid! It all looks fine. Although there's a teensy weensy pic of you right at the bottom left of the main page. Is it supposed to be lurking down there with the webcounters?

Tribe said...

Much better, because at least the whole page loads without crashing (and I'm on a Mac, so I can just imagine how painful it was for those PC people). On this comments page, your list of links are all at the bottom of the column at my right hand.

John R. said...

'Tis true. Sounds like a difference in 'width' attributes in the stylesheet between the main page and the individual post pages.

*goes looking*

Yeah, you've got 760px overall width. You've got a narrow column with no left margin, and a wide one with 150px, and both of them are 450px wide. Your sidebar is 190px wide and has a left margin set at 545px.

Looking at the source code, the main page of posts uses the narrow column version, no margin - 450px of main column floating left leaves a nice gap before the 545px line and the beginning of the sidebar, which then fills out the rest of the 760px space quite nicely - while the individual post pages use the wide column variant, and you simply can't fit 150px of margin, 450px of column 1 and 190px of column 2 into a 760px space. If you see what I mean.

In the 'structure' section of the stylesheet, if you copy the formating from the first 'narrowcolumn' entry (float, padding, margin and width) into the first 'widecolumn' entry immediately beneath it, it should fix that.

Crap explanation, but these things are a nuisance to go over in text.