Crappy Day

A student, a man, a cellphone user in Kiev, Ukraine reportedly drop his cellphone down a toilet he had recently used.

He was aghast and disgusted then aghast again.

That phone was his lifeline, his cord to the cosmos, it was the very sun in his solar system. He had to get it out.

No doubt trembling at the vile task ahead of him and at the Trainspotting flashback it gave him, he rolled up his sleeve and dunk his arm in the abyss.

Almost there.

Almost there.

He can just almost reach it!

Got it! What! What the...


Oh, no.

He's stuck.

He, a Lebanese National studying at Odessa's State Academy of Refrigeration, is stuck with his hand down a toilet.

An hour passed.

Then another.

Finally, help in the form of the local police, freed him from his aqueous purgatory.

He was taken for medical care.

No word on how his cell faired after the adventure.

EXTRAS! History of the toilet, privies, chamberpots and public places

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