Experiment V

This is it for now.

I had to post something because every time I went to preview the page, that creepy guy stares out at me, daring me DARING ME, to get a clipper and set to the mane growing out of his ears.


He doesn't listen.

To thwart him, I post another photo.

See! He's staring back! Not so tough now, are you Mr. Ear Hair! HA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

this one looks good in internet explorer. the pictures don't get cut off.

Jennifer Jordan said...

But it's BORING!!!!!!!!!!


Russel said...

Boring or not it doesn't do the herky-jerky any more and that's good. I was getting a small headache doing the scrolling thing (yet oddly when you went to each individual post the herky-jerky stopped). Whatever the case you're still more of a God with HTML than I.

Oh dear... for some reason now a voice in my head is singing... "You do the herky jerky and you turn about... that's what its all about..."

I should probably go before I start blithering any further.

Jennifer Jordan said...

And now you've put it in my head. Thanks so much, Russ-poo.

John R. said...

I was thinking of something entirely different for "herky-jerky", but that's between me and my analyst.

Jennifer Jordan said...

The herky must be where the analyst comes in.

John R. said...

The herky's the best bit!