A flurry of Santas.

Thousands of Santas inundated the streets of Newtown this Sunday make money and to be counted. The money goes to various charities and this year more than £100,000 were raised. The counting is part of busting with two goals in mind: to break the world's record for the largest Santa gathering.

After forming orderly lines and filling out forms, the fur-trimmed ones go do an aerobic work-out to get the ol' jolly limbs warmed up, then they go for a 4.5 mile 'festive fun run.' An odd yet appropriate phrase. Some Santas were determined to finish the race with a respectable time, others opted for spirit helpers along the way. At one point, a Santa brawl broke out but it was quickly curtailed by elves with CS spray and batons.

When the adults were done, the children run a 'mini race'.
For the sheer freaking fun of it, yo-yo's were busted out, twirled and tottered to break the world yo-yoing record as well. Really. Look.

Next week, America's sorid, icky version: The Santa Speedo Run.

P.S. Did I ever mention my dyslexia?

P.S.S. And my late night phobia of lateral thinking?

P.S.S.S. And my tendency to fret?

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that girl said...

On the bbc news story its a Pc Slaymaker that comments. Slaymaker? Sleigh maker? hahahahahah