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Web maven, anal retentive wanker and all around wonderful person Beth Tindall has asked for some help.

She needs books.

Lots of books.

The Literacy Network of Cinncinati is holding it's biggest annual fund raiser,the 16th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee for Literacy, and they are short on prizes.

And the prizes are books.

This organization helps everyone from kids to adults do what anyone reading this takes for granted: reading. If you send even one book their way, you are putting a book in the hands of someone who will suddenly have the world open to them for the first time.

From kids books, to adult books, from fiction to non-fiction, from romances, mysteries and fantasy, it all helps.

See below for all the details:

Donations of books are needed to be given away at the Spelling Bee as prizes for contestants, sponsors, audience members and volunteers. We will look for groupings of books (for example: historical mystery authors, autographed books published in 2005, a complete set of books by a particular author, etc....) that we can bundle for prizes, in addition to giving away individual books as door prizes.

Spelling Bee participants are from corporate teams (most of the local media outlets have a Bee team), as well as companies like P&G, Chiquita, General Electric, and University of Cincinnati. The Spelling Bee is one of the largest fundraisers for the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati.

The Literacy Network acts as an umbrella agency for over 60 sites in Greater Cincinnati where adults may go to improve their basic education and literacy skills. The Network provides free Adult and Children's Basic Reading Classes for people with profound reading disabilities and a Tutor Training program for volunteers interested in working with adults. Also, the Literacy Network offers the Cincinnati Reads program, which recruits and trains reading tutors to work one-on-one with K-4th grade students in the Cincinnati Public Schools.

Additional books not given away at the Spelling Bee will be used as Appreciation gifts for the volunteer tutors. Contacts are being made with local bookstores for additional book donations to be arranged year-round.

Local mystery author Jeffrey Marks and mystery author website specialist Beth Tindall of CincinnatiMedia are arranging autographed book donations from within the national mystery community. Donated books will have a label on the inside of the book which state "Book donated by the author."

Books for the Spelling Bee prizes should be sent before March 1st, 2006. Books are appreciated and welcomed other times of year, though! To donate, send books (autographed or not, fiction/nonfiction, adult/YA/juvenile, ones you've written or ones you've read!) to:


The event will be held:
Thursday, March 16, 2006 at
The Cincinnati Museum Center
Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati
16th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee for Literacy

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