It's Quertermous. Bryon if you're nasty!

The world has too much of many things, blogs among them (and I mean me). But there can never be too many places for short stories, especially stories with attitude.

The Q-man, Bryon Quertermous, possibly inspired by the success he's had with his Blog Story Project in which he and Dave White somehow convinced a bunch of oddballs (and I include me) to write a story based on a specific theme to be revealed on the same day. The results were spectacular.

And now, Bryon brings us Demolition. In this edition, he's bringing out the heavy artillery with work by Anthony Neil Smith, Victor Gischler, Pat Lambe and Mike Mclean. Now go, read and be sated.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, you know you're always nasty with me. Thanks for the props. I expect to see you in my all female issue real soon.

Jennifer Jordan said...

Bryon, I'm sure you'll have plenty of female issues.


I had to say that. I mean, look at the material he gives me?

Hope to see you make the transition from cyber space to book shelves very so, B.

Jennifer Jordan said...

- on.