A Piece of Me

People in love like to think that their love will last forever.

The diamond industry would like them to think that diamonds are the best, lo, the only way to express this love in a material way. "Diamonds are forever" "Every Kiss Begins with Kaye", "Spend a lot of Money or She Won't Think You Love Her", etc.

But Tobie Kerridge, an attendee of the British Royal College of Art, has another way to say, "I love you forever."


Cooing couples submit wisdom teeth and submit to the extraction of a small fragment of jawbone. Cells from the jawbone will be "seeded" on to a ring-shaped scaffold-like structure where, in six weeks, a thungy made of... well, 'them' will have grown.

The piece of 'them' is then crafted into a ring by jewellry designer Nikki Stott at about $11,700 per ring.

Tobie and her team have won approval for the idea and four couples have been selected to undergo the jaw fragment extraction at Guy's Hospital in London.

Matthew Harrison, 25, and Harriet Harriss, 32, who shall exchange bio rings, know that others might find it "disgusting".

But Mr Harrison, a product designer from London, said: "I see it as a set of biological connections instead of something like marriage, a legal connection." Ms Harriss described it as "incredibly poetic".


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Stuart MacBride said...

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