"still acts like a cat on acid"

Iggy Pop, back on tour with the Stooges and still getting the crap beaten out of himself on stage, chatted with Penthouse magazine in an interview that will appear in the February issue.

Iggy has a lot to say.

"Everything about New York was cool in the '70s," he said. "People slouched when they walked, and they didn't look like they had anywhere to go. Everybody wasn't dressed for success. There were still peep shows in Times Square. To me, that created art." The singer also commented on the city's latest wave of rock bands: "The worse New York is doing, socially and economically, the better the music. Unfortunately, it seems like New York is doing awfully well these days."

"People are starving in general,especially when you get to white music, which just increasingly sucks. U2 is
a good band. There is a certain kind of reassuring white rock and some people do well with that."

Pop is appalled by do-good rockers like Bono, because he is convinced they aim to profit from their humanitarian actions. He says that musicians who seem to do nothing but fight for world peace and an end to hunger should give up their day jobs if they're truly serious about their causes, "It would be easier for me to believe someone's commitment to Greenpeace if that's all they do. I mean, work for Greenpeace if you believe in Greenpeace.

"Personally, I haven't done too many benefits but boy, when you do, you see the backside of it. I hear people talking about the angles and different things they're going to make off of it -- especially the managers."

Damn! Even Henry Rollins niced it up a little when speaking about U2: "While I applaud Bono's humanitarian efforts with great admiration, I think the music is for those who have lost their will to rock."

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