Good enough for me and my ISP

My tenuous path to the internet has been foiled over and over again by my ISP. Their website consists of a continuous loop that, for a while, seems to be helping you to find support then leads you right back to the beginning of the whole rat maze.

The image at left is the actual one from their website. Cringe inducing, isn't it?

There is no phone number on the website. You have to go through support to get that. Support does not recognize my login. When I go through sales to find a human, I get an email with a number that connects me to someone in India who tells me very politely that I need to go through tech to get the help I want. I know that, I tell him. I can't get to tech with your website and all of it's cute little traps.

He gives me the number for tech.

I go through that asinine push this to get this then hold for six hours whilst we play the crappiest hold Muzak you've ever heard. When a human comes on the line, he has the tone of someone who's heard it all before. He says fine, we'll do this and that.

Two days later,and this and that is not done.

Now I have to contact those bastards again.

I got a little snippy in my email. I'm a little upset. I don't want to have to change my ISP because then I have to contact everyone on my email list AND change website settings. Yet I am left with little choice when faced with a corporation set up to irritate.

Off to find something to throw at something I can destroy.

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