I Have Issues

Ever just wake up on the wrong side of your life one morning?

Me, all day, crabby. I felt I was given the choice of angry or depressed as far as emotional direction. I chose angry.

Depressed sucks unless you're writing poetry.

Anyway, as a theme, angry worked rather well. It seemed to give me some kind of odd motivation. I got done a lot of things I'd meant to get done because I was so ticked that things weren't done.

I kept contact with people to a minimum and kept myself from drop-kicking any of the cats by hitting my head repeatedly on the desk.

You can imagine how strangely relieved I was to find that others on this revolving planet of idiocy, other are anrgy. Maybe even angry than me.

Like the Aussie chick that stabbed her husband over and over becuase he played the delightfully cheesy Elvis hit, "Burnin' Love" over and over and over again to celebrate the King's recent birthday (he would have been 71).

Or like the people that lose it with help center operators in India(so much, so often that a sit-com based on the abuse these people received is now playing on the airwaves of that country).

Maybe, as this report suggests, I just shouldn't have gotten up this morning.

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Russel said...

I don't usually wake up angry so much as with a feeling of unnacountable dread, usually that I've done something so horrendously wrong that someone's gonna take it out on me.

I only get angry when the feeling's justified.

This morning I have woken up confused, however. But that's definitely nothing unusual.