R.I.P. 720C Inkjet Printer

My printer, the one that printed my first attempts at a novel, that printed my first publishing agreement, that has lived on my desk for over ten years, has come to a sad and loud demise.

Beyond the usual, "What's this? You want me to print? Well, for your information, I was taking a nap. See all this paper I'm sucking in? I'm printing two lines on all of it then spitting back out again. Ha!"

Beyond the occasional, "Oh, no. Oh, God! I don't feel so good. Must be the paper bunched up in my butt."

This was kind of a pull, pull, zap, buckle, bang, ergh, ergh, ergh, ahhhh noise. I opened her up and saw what I thought was a bunch of string. "What the...?" I pulled at it and realized, slowly, that this was the band that pulled the ink cartridges across the paper.

Got a new printer, brought it home (clever, no?), set it up about half way when I realized my old one was so old that they no longer make printers that need the big, clunky computer-to-printer cord. It is now a cute little computer-to-printer cord with the little USB plug.

This cord was not included.

Much profanity then acceptence of fate.


Jennifer Jordan said...

Note the excessive yuckiness of the chair the dead printer rests upon. This chair should have gone to the dump a year ago. Yet it still parades around the office in all it's fuzz-covered glory talking about how much better it spins then the other chairs. Loser.

JD Rhoades said...

You can buy a parallel to USB adapter. They ain't cheap. I had to buy one to connect my faithful old Xerox laser printer to my keen new laptop.

And if you're going to be printing out novel length stuff, laser's about the only way to go. Most inkjets won't handle the load and replacing the cartridges is the road to bankruptcy.

Jennifer Jordan said...

My new little cutie is connected. Plugged the USB cord in and the computer went nutty trying to find out what was going on.

"Hey. Hey! Watcha doin'?"


"Hey! Ya plugged something in, didn't cha? Think I wouldn't notice or something?"

I insert the CD.

"Ohhhhhhhh. OK. Thanks, man."