Thank God for the Sommelier!

For some reason, sommeliers know how to deal with situations others balk at. Like, for instance, the ol' sea lion on top of the car situation.

Near Elliot Bay, in the parking lot of Salty's Restaurant in West Seattle, a blubbery presence form the nearby ocean made his opinion of which car to purchase in the troubled times would be if the car was outfitted with a fin-able steering wheel and tail-able pedals.

At lunchtime yesterday, a sea lion climbed atop a Toyota Prius and causally sat enjoying the chilly air.

Tim O'Brien, Salty's sommelier, managed to coax the lion off the roof and back into the water. No report as to how but one wonders if some kind of fish entree was involved.

The blubbery (I really like that word!) sea lion did put a few dents to the roof but the hybrid car was otherwise unscathed.


R.J. Baker said...

Sea lions like "green" cars?

Anonymous said...

Would that be covered under insurance or would it be one of those natural occurances they like to use to say "no we would prefer not to give you money"?