Jen working out again.

Jen sore.

Jen very sore.


Bleak House Ben said...

Yeah? Well, I hope it's the good pain. I unfortunately got a little lazy during the holidays and my first few workouts in mid-January were pretty rough. But it goes away fast and you feel better both physically and mentally once you get into the routine.

On a related side note--John Galligan and I started playing basketball today to get ready for the Bouchercon game. I've now found a sure way for me to induce a heart attack.

Keep it up!

Jennifer Jordan said...

Yep. It's the, "Wow, I forgot I had those muscles," pain.

I'm pretty damn jazzed about it.

Better not tell me how to induce a heart attack; I might abuse the knowledge.

b-bop said...

Should we have a contest to see who can drink more Rockstar next weekened without suffering GRADE A cardiac arrest?

Whizbang! We'll do the panels at 100 mph.

Nobody will be any wiser. The secret dies in a German phone booth.

*shrugs* Even I don't know J-bot 3000. Even I don't know.