Real Femme Fatale

Juana Barraza, 48, is being held in Mexico after being arrested at the scene of the killing of 82-year-old Ana Maria Reyes on Wednesday. Police suspect she is the "Silent Lady" who is Mexico's notorious "Little Old Lady Killer."

Prosecuters in Mexico City claim fingerprint evidence links Barraza to at least ten of the murders. They had suspected the perp was a man in women's clothing. The broad-shouldered Ms Barraza resembled composite profiles of the suspect, and a wax mock-up, with a similar short reddish haircut and facial mole.

Barraza, a female wrestler, admitted to one murder but denied a murder spree that began in the late 1990's in which at least 30 women may have died. She was arrested after she fled the scene where Ana Maria Reyes had been strangled with a stethoscope. They alledly found a stethoscope, social benefits papers and a social worker's identification card in her possession.

Police had suspected the killer gained entrance into victims' homes by pretending to be a government employee who could sign them up to welfare programs.

UPDATE: It is rumored that Barraza was a member of the "Santa Muerte" – Saint Death or Holy Death church/cult in Mexico. A shrine is supposed to have been found in her house.

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