Hoarding Horror

A woman was reported missing by her husband when he couldn't find her after a few hours. The police arrived at the house and found mountains of crap, stuff, debris and chaotic odds and ends stacked from floor to ceiling.

The had an idea that they wouldn't have to look outside of the house to find the missing Marie Rose.

Ten hours later they found her, dead, under a pile of clothing that had collasped on top of her.

Kids, go clean your rooms. And I mean it this time.


Anonymous said...

I think when Jen-4 and I were kids we would have been able to manage getting lost under a pile of our cloths. Then Mom made a rule that if we left cloths on the floor she would confiscate them. This only worked for a little while though because we found where she hid them and just go get what we wanted to wear.

Jennifer Jordan said...

There would be trails through pile of stuff that would lead from the door to our respective beds. Mom can in one night, yelling about what a pig sty we lived in.

"You couldn't find an elephant in this room!"

I reached done the side of my bed and pulled up my stuffed elephant, Billy.

That turned into one of those times when Mom was so mad, she ran out of words. She got really red. I believe there was steam coming out of her ears.

Poor Mom.

Chris said...

Holy freaking crap!