Gluttony is not a secret vice’
Orson Welles

Let's explore gluttony.

And if we're to do that properly, you have to visit SupersizeMeals.com. Fascination mixed with horror was my reaction when I saw burgers that could feed a small village for two days.

Not Proud.com gives people an anonymous place to confess to the seven deadly sins, gluttony certainly among them.

Certainly gluttony is not new to people. Was it bad enough to warrent vomitoriums? Ask Cecil.

Jim Holt, in an article for the Boston Globe, began an article on gluttony with the following head scratcher:

HERE ARE THREE propositions that sit together uneasily: 1) The United States is a deeply religious country. 2) Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. 3) Americans are the fattest people in the world.

There are those that propose a sin tax that would heavily tax all food that we crave when we are 'bad.'

And there are those that propose that gluttony goes beyond food and drink to possessions. Like, for instance, land.

I would propse that America's strong and unending desire for oil and the companies that have earned record profits because of this desire, boast the clearest form of this sin.

Can there be a true defense of gluttonous behavior? You decide.

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