Now, This is Pink

With all do respect to dear James and the facially furry Stuart, this is freaking pink:

And this is even pinker:

And this is blue:

And this is green:

And this is yellow:

And this is this morning's wood:

I take an almost terrifying amount of joy from tweaking my HTML, but never would I be tempted to put a sweater on my site. What, do you think I'm:


R.J. Baker said...

Is that tweed? Nice look. A little vertigo but I like it...

Stuart MacBride said...

Nope – number one’s a slightly off purple and number two’s majenta...

You see, this is what happens when you put together dirty anthologies, the eyesight starts to go. ;}#

Anonymous said...

Number 2 is hot pink, or Barbie pink, also known as Pepto pink. Notice the pink pink pink